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I'm Chris MM Gordon, a starter, business and social entrepreneur. (I also go by Chris Gordon, but turns out there's a lot of them...!)

This is a collection of personal interests, videos, blog posts, music, a bit of design and things that make me go "Aahh."

I'm in Ireland and a lot of things interest me. The more I see of the world, the less I know. I hope to never stop exploring.

You'll find out more about me at my blog ChrisMMGordon.

My more professional profile can be found on LinkedIn.

I am the Founder of 222 Ireland (, the Chairman of the Irish Export Cooperative and owner of the Trophies Awards and Gifts Store.

I like social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, cooperatives, and new ways of thinking about life and business.

Try not to go without saying hi!



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Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare
Catherine Pickavet,

Edi­tor’s note: Tim Chang is man­ag­ing direc­tor at May­field Fund where he leads con­sumer invest­ing prac­tice with a focus on the Inter­net of Things, con­sumer­ized health & well­ness, crowd­sourc­ing, col­lab­o­ra­tive con­sump­tio…



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Nighttime falls on Detroit

Detroit - Motor City

Boston Common in full bloom. Washington monument (at Boston Common)

“That’s what we want to achieve—this sense of mutuality. Where we obliterate once and for all the illusion that we’re separate. No us and them. Just us. For there’s an idea that’s taken root in the world, it’s at the root of all that’s wrong with it and the idea would be this: that there just…

This is how my mind has been working for years…

Projector Digitally Aligns Your Billiard Shots in Real Time

A team of students from the University of the Algarve in Portugal designed a projector, called PoolLiveAid, that creates real-time light predictions of billiard shots — sort of like a “digital cheat code” for pool. The projector hangs above the table and analyzes the position of the billiard ball, then detects lines that correspond to it in relation to the cue, which it shines onto the table.

It’s “opportunity season” for a lot of organizations, and many of our friends are accepting applications for their programs and summer positions. Here are our top five-ish for this month:

1. Challenge Detroit is accepting apps for its 1 year fellowship.

2. Unreasonable at Sea offers…

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